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2011-09-06 03:19:00 by MasterCoyle

Exams are no over so I can get back to the sweet, sweet composing process. Expect another piece within a week guys and stay groovy etc.

No More Music

2011-07-23 22:36:42 by MasterCoyle

JOKES. Well, kinda. For a while at least. I have 4 up and I hope that can keep you guys going but I really have to focus on exams so I don't fail school and stuff. Having said that I'll probably make music for newgrounds as procrastination. Don't expect music but you'll probably get a few pieces over the next few months. Thanks for the great ratings, reviews and those of you who have made me favourites. I couldn't have done this all without you guys :)


2011-02-07 05:43:01 by MasterCoyle

It has begun. I've finally got 2 audio tracks up on newgrounds and I've already had s lot of positive feedback so I guess I'm going to keep submitting things. I probably won't submit anything for the next month due to exams and stuff but having said that making this music is a good form of useful(?) procrastination. I hope you guys are enjoying what I'm posting and feedback would be great. Have a nice day newgrounders.